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Broker Partnership Program

Do you represent buyers in Las Vegas?

Now you can receive more than the usual 25% referral fee for doing out-of-state business. If you have a client who plans to buy Vegas, work the deal yourself and receive 100% of the commission! This is done via an above board process that we can walk you through. Fill out the intake form for more information.


Vegas Factoids:

  • named Las Vegas as the #1 emerging real estate market in the U.S.

  • Las Vegas is experiencing business indicative of a boom cycle.

  • <45 days of inventory (active listings).

  • Median home price is $285,045, with 5% predicted growth rate (sales).


Vegas Advancements:

  • $1B Transportation Infrastructure Investment (Project Neon)

  • Innovation District Downtown 

  • Tesla

  • Switch


The addition of Major League Sports:

  • NHL Golden Knights

  • NFL Raiders

  • Las Vegas Lights FC

  • WNBA Stars


Now is the time to present Las Vegas real estate to investors to take advantage of the opportunities present. 


Submit the following information to receive your enrollment package.

Success! Message received.


Qualifying for our progam is as easy as...



Fill out the intake form at the top or bottom of this page and a reply email will be sent to you.

Pay the Fee

If we uncover a business opportunity from the intake form, follow the instructions in the reply email. 

Start Selling

Within 14 business days of application, approval is granted,* and certificate issued.

How can your out-of-state brokerage represent buyer clients in Las Vegas?

Our Broker Partnership Program is simple. The State of Nevada Department of Business and Real Estate Division allows a unique opportunity for out-of-state Brokers to partner with a Nevada brokerage to execute real estate transactions from their own own backyard. Our brokerage provides the open door for yours to walk through without your organization having to go through the hassle of classes, test taking, fees, etc. Upon enrollment, your brokerage will be able to present all active listings in Las Vegas while we handle the transactions for you. Buyers from all over the world, including those in your area, are reaching out to Las Vegas brokerages everyday endeavoring to find great investment opportunities. They would be thrilled to find your local brokerage being able to assist them with the process and the thrill for you will be receiving 100% commissions on out-of-state transactions! Our qualification process is simple and enrollment is made easy. Upon enrolling in our program, brokerages will receive:

  • A second real estate market with the ability to conduct real estate transactions in Nevada through and established and esteemed local brokerage.

  •  A one year Out-of-State Cooperative Certificate issued by The State of Nevada Department of Business and Real Estate Division

  •  100% commission.

  • Preferred Broker List - Your brokerage receives referral business for any of our clientele shopping your market.

  • Access to our online Broker Partnership Forum where tips and additional support are exchanged

  • Deven Chase's Nevada Real Estate Guide (including laws and best practices)

  • Deven Chase Realty executes all transactions for your brokerage

*(subject to approval)

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